Rolly Polly Lyrics


There was an ocean in the woods,
there was an ocean deep in me.
And every day I’m on the road,
and every day you’re out to sea.
And there’s a spaceship in my mind
with silver bells for the controls.
And there’s a painting on the sky
as every sun and lover knows.

You called me.
You told me you lost it.
How would I know you meant in your mind’s eye?
Did you really mean the words or were they lies?
I need some time away from you.
I need some time away from you but you beat me to it.
And I don’t mind. She don’t mind.

I’m an open kinda guy
with an open window sky.
And as the dawn she came around,
I listen to the empty sound.

I was an eskimo in my head.
I had an eskimo in my bed.
But it didn’t matter,
it didn’t matter, baby, cause you lied,
you lied to me.
And that’s the other thing I have to say,
and then you better go away.
I think you better go
cause, baby, you never had a good word for me.

And it’s like rolly polly, rolly polly, rolly polly on the line.
It’s on your mind now, you’re thinking it over but you don’t wanna say it.
And she don’t know and you don’t know
the things, the things, the things 
you knew, way back then.
You say it anyway
You say it anyway cause you don’t understand.

New days come so unexpectedly.
It’s just a ghost of love, it’s just a host of
problems I just thought of.

And I knew right then,
I knew right then it ought to matter.
It’s new but it might dissolve, it might dissolve,
it might just fade away.

You will return, on the bay,
floating light years away from home,
in your dome.
The things you oughtta say.
You don’t speak but you can’t help but cry.
You’re high.

Things that pass like headlights in the moonlight.
Things that walk and talk like the turtle doves.
They were afraid to be
close to you and me
as we were floating.

We were floating through the forest
and through the stars.
Oh, you try to tell me it’s worse
even as it’s getting so much better.
So much better.

Even so, even so, it can’t get that much better.
My throat is hoarse,
I can’t stop sleeping wrong.
I’m sleeping wrong.
On the opposite side
of your ear drum
where it hurts.

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