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The 1980s were terrifying.

I spent much of my early youth cowering in fear (see this post on the subject). But don’t worry–no tragic event befell me at an early age. I just lived in the 1980s. And it was hard not be terrified as … Continue reading

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Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything

Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams is a book about large communities collaborating on projects which evolve and adapt with time. The strange part is that Wikinomics is a book written by two people, not a community, and it … Continue reading

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Oh Andy Dick!

I promised I would never name drop. But I’m a resident of Los Angeles and that’s just what we do. So I made a rule that I will only name drop completely sad, washed-up celebrities (see my entry on Carrot … Continue reading

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