The USC code of ethics

I’m in a graduate program at University of Southern California, but I don’t really consider myself a member of the Trojan community. I don’t know what’s going on there most of time. Something about football and condoms, I think.  I don’t really care.

I mean, maybe I care a little bit.

But I couldn’t help overhearing a lot of chatter about an email some frat guy sent out about the  “targeting” of women. And not, like, the kind of targeting Google does in the side-panel of your Gmail.

This guy’s lame tirade spread across campus and went viral, eventually getting to the point where even people as out of the loop as myself were talking.

I won’t mince words: it’s offensive.  I mean, I just posted a picture of a half naked lady on my blog, but at least I know how to treat women with respect. By, you know, like, throwing my jacket over puddles and stuff.

Don’t worry. I will not be further discussing the contents of said email. I did not find it funny. However, the official response by USC was hilarious. And not even because it was penned by one Michael Jackson, vice-present of student affairs.

Jackson starts of by, understandably, condemning the incident as “appalling” and “repulsive.” Fair enough.

But I began to get a little skeptical when Jackson tells us that he questioned the USC chapter of Kappa Sigma, where the email originated, and has concluded that they had nothing to do with it. “The student who sent it is not a member of the USC chapter of Kappa Sigma and received it from a friend at another university on the east coast.”

Those damn east coast trogladytes, corrupting our fine, upstanding USC frat guys!

Jackson also assures us that the Kappa Sigma Fraternity is  “conducting their own investigation.” Oh good. They’re on the case! I’m guessing that investigation involves getting drunk, playing beer pong, and maybe some vomiting for good measure?

Okay, I’m skeptical, but whatever. I’ll take Jackson’s word for it, I guess.

But  things get really weird when Jackson quotes the university Code of Ethics, which apparently reads: “We treat everyone with respect and dignity, even when the values, beliefs, behavior, or background of a person or group is repugnant to us.”

Wait. What? WTF, USC? That’s in your code of ethics?

Need I point out that, by implication, the code of ethics says we must treat the douchebag who wrote that email with “respect and dignity”?  Should we maybe take him out to dinner? Throw him a parade? How much respect are we talking? Sadly, I don’t think Jackson made the inference.

But who needs logic with moves like that, anyway?

But wait, the absurdity does not end there. Let’s read that quote again:

“”We treat everyone with respect and dignity, even when the values, beliefs, behavior, or background of a person or group is repugnant to us.”

Um, are we to assume that a good number of USC students and faculty find the backgrounds of others repugnant? And this is just taken for granted?

Like, oh sure, of course those damn Italians  are inhuman pieces of filth! But I’ll suppress my instincts and force myself to treat them with respect?

Maybe I should have gone to UCLA.

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2 Responses to The USC code of ethics

  1. Charles says:

    I’d like to thInk by “background” that USC meant not a person’s race or nationality, but life history and past association. Maybe. And sure you could have gone to UCLA, but then you have to deal with students posting racist videos on YouTube.

    I like your blog’s name.

  2. Flannery Wilson says:

    I never thought about USC’s response, but yeah that IS stupid!

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